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Villa Blu is a business accelerator for the living world, a program created by Robertet Group dedicated to visionary projects that are engaged with nature, that are eco-centric and sustainable. A structure that connects the worlds of industry and start-ups to develop every possibility.

Villa Blu • Introduction
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An accelerator for sustainable ideas

Joining Villa Blu means to dare. Dare to take a stand and commit to a more responsible future. To look beyond our impact toward solutions, toward our contribution. To interact with the earth, the living world, so that each footprint is minimal or positive. To create a common language. To unite around a single vision: to value and return to the earth the resources it has given us.

Villa Blu • À propos

For startups committed to the natural world

Villa Blu • Startups

Villa Blu will select up to 20 startups committed to ecological vision. Eligible candidates will be operating in the natural sectors, especially though not exclusively in natural ingredients, fragrance, flavors, food or active health & well-being, or innovative technology serving the natural product sectors.

In March 2023, the first 5 selected companies will enter the program, after which every 6 months, for the next two years, five new companies will join the cohort at Villa Blu. If they wish, startups may extend their accelerator program beyond the initial 6 months scheduled for up to 18 months.

Villa Blu is set to facilitate emerging, innovative visions toward a sustainable future. We seek talent with an urge to make a difference, creative companies developing disruptive products, technologies and services. Our objective is to equip start-ups with necessary skills, through provision of mentoring, education, access to facilities and networks.






Months between new arrivals

Up to

100 k€

Invested for each start-up

Qualified candidates will meet the following conditions:

Application is open to start-ups from anywhere in the world who have a strong desire to be close to the historical basin of natural aromatics.


  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Technological


  • Agriculture & industry
  • Food & feed
  • Health / beauty / wellness


  • Deeptech
  • Digital solution
  • Disruptive brand

Team / Maturity

  • Proof of concept achieved
  • 2 partners or serial entrepreneur
  • Pre-seed / Seed / Series A
Villa Blu • Idée

You have an idea but don't check all the boxes?

Please contact us!

Accelerate, Support and Connect

Villa blue accelerator is built upon Robertet’s in-house and external experts who will provide entrepreneurial support and mentoring, with business, market and technical assistance. The program will equip selected candidates to better understand their market and their customers, to refine their value proposition, to launch their marketing, to accelerate their turnover, and to prepare and launch their fundraising. To this end, they will have access to the processing equipment, analysis and development laboratories, as well as to the regulatory support provided by the Robertet Group.

Two entrepreneur-in-residence facilitators and an office manager available 7 days a week will oversee the progress of the selected candidates.

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Villa Blu • Programme 2

An Iconic Setting

Villa Blu is situated in Grasse, classified by UNESCO as the historic cradle of natural products and fragrance. Integrating heritage with modernization, Grasse enjoys an ecosystem and economic synergies favorable to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startups are welcomed in an historic site in Grasse, in a magnificent building that was remodeled for the accelerator program. The space, offering panoramic views, is comprised of three floors and a roof top.

As start-ups progress through the program, they will ascend from operations on one floor to the next, as they advance toward success in the world.

Villa Blu • Lieu
Villa Blu • Lancement

Applications Deadline 4th batch

Villa Blu • Timeline 1 Villa Blu • Icone Annonce

June 3rd


Applications opened

Villa Blu • Timeline 2 Villa Blu • Icone Candidatures

Sept 15th


Applications closed

Villa Blu • Timeline 3 Villa Blu • Icone Sélections



Presentations in front of the Selection Commitee

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Start date in Villa Blu for the 4th batch

5 Successive Sprints

After a 15 day assessment period, candidates will follow a program that will address all the fundamental factors of a startup in order to accelerate their business and prepare their fundraising. Each sprint corresponds to a specific objective for which the appropriate methods and tools will be deployed.
1 Villa Blu • Sprints 1

Know your competitive environment and your partners, refine your solution

2 Villa Blu • Sprints 2

Refine your value proposition, your market positioning and build your partnerships

3 Villa Blu • Sprints 3

Write your business plan and formalize your partnership with Robertet

4 Villa Blu • Sprints 4

Capitalize on your partners and distribution network to develop your sales

5 Villa Blu • Sprints 5

Write your objective and prepare your fundraising

Villa Blu • Sprints

By Robertet, an innovative, committed and responsible leader

For over 170 years, the Robertet Group has been exploring the benefits of the living world. From cultivation to processing, it has mastered the entire supply chain for natural products, offering its customers ingredients that are ever more respectful of the environment.

To bring these innovations to the market, Robertet has never ceased to associate itself with the most avant-garde companies. As innovation is often the result of entrepreneurial experience, the Robertet Group is advancing, through Villa Blu, its commitment to entrepreneurs who want to make the future rhyme with nature.

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