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Green Touch'

Grasse (France)

Upcycling - Spring 2024

Green Touch' defines itself as an innovative and visionary player in the recycling of waste from the perfume industry. Its ambition? To make the world of perfumery more respectful of the environment.

The story of Green Touch' began as a matter of course, in a historic perfume shop in Grasse. Léa Steyer, founder of Green Touch', was alerted by the excessive consumption of fragrance blotters, and asked herself: "What were we doing with the millions of blotters used every month? Obviously, nothing. This observation was her motivation.

Determined to propose solutions for this forgotten waste, Green Touch' innovated to the point of developing the first sector specializing in the recycling of scent blotters.

The association between Villa Blu by Robertet and Green Touch' is not only based on their shared origins. Robertet was one of the first players to believe in and commit to Green Touch' right from the start, in 2022.

Green Touch' became part of Villa Blu by Robertet in order to develop its business, extend its expertise beyond scented touches and promote its know-how.

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