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Jul 20, 2023

La vie à Villa Blu

How to join Villa Blu?

The application deadline is coming up... We give you all the tools you need to join us

1: How to send your application to Villa Blu by Robertet?

=> all year round

It's very simple, just click here to arrive on our F6S page

We have two selection committees per year, one at the end of March and the other at the end of September, but you can apply almost all year round via the link.

Indeed, applications close one month before the start date of the batch in the program and open again for the next batch the day after.

If you have questions about Villa Blu by Robertet, follow us on Instagram & LinkedIn :-)

And if you still have questions… a team member, Matthieu, will be able to answer you at

The Villa Blu team tip: We have to say… We love the video format: we see the team, faces and enthousiasm… And it’s also a great way to stand out among the 100 to 200 files we receive per batch.

2: How do we preselect the files at VillaBlu?

=> 1 month before the Selection Committee & twice a year

During this phase, we will select the 15 files in line for the Selection Committee.

The criteria are numerous, specific to your team and your project but also specific to Villa Blu by Robertet:

  • the capacity of the Villa Blu team to accompany you in the most effective way possible and help you make the difference,
  • projects on which technologies being developed at Robertet could be applied,
  • growing interest in a specific segment or product category etc…

The tip from startups that have passed the pre-selections: Send your file (here) as far upstream as possible from the application deadline… this is when the Villa Blu by Robertet team can get back to you to ask questions and start a discussion. The earlier the file is initiated, the more time it leaves to exchange and maximize the chances of being pre-selected.

3: How does the Selection Committee work at Villa Blu?

=> 15 days before entry

A few days after the closing of applications, you will receive an email informing you if you are selected for the last and most important step, the selection committee.

This committee takes place in Villa Blu, in Grasse.

It is composed of about a dozen people between representatives of Robertet's top management and externals (entrepreneurs, investors, institutions).

The format is classic:

- a pitch of about ten minutes

- and a Q&A session of the same duration.

That evening, the files are ranked in order of preference and the list of the 5 entrants is established. In case of a coup de coeur, we reserve the right to select two additional startups, making 7 in total… And yes, we have large (and beautiful!) offices.

On this topic, don't hesitate to come and meet us there beforehand!

Discover a magical place (have you seen our rooftop?), chat with our amazing entrepreneurs who have already been accelerated (here), get familiar with the Villa Blu co-founders team (the one that will put their brains at your disposal for your success :-)) … All of this could well impact the strength of your motivation!

The tip for a top pitch: read the secrets of the FidMed organizer, Francis Papazian, to make a perfect pitch here.

4: Signing of documents and preparation for entry

=> Within the 48 hours following the committee

Within 48 hours after the committee, an email will notify you of your selection.

The legal documentation will be sent to you and a member of the Villa Blu team will accompany you to complete it and check that everything is clear for you and your potential existing shareholders.

If you are in the process of raising funds, the timing can be impactful and we will be at your disposal to allow the closing of this documentary phase.

The Villa Blu team will also assist you on the logistical side if needed: visa formalities, advice on housing, travel…

The goal? To make your life easier, so that you can join the program 15 days later under the best conditions and with completed legal documentation.

The Villa Blu team tip: Before the selection committee, a document will be sent to you with a reminder of the program conditions and a to-do list of documents to be provided in case of acceptance. A call of about thirty minutes will also be offered to you to learn more about the Robertet group and the opportunities it offers. These moments will be the first of our work together and are key for the future, enjoy them!

Each startup can stay in the building and therefore the Villa Blu ecosystem for up to 2 years, but it only knows the very intensive support phase during the first 6 months after its entry.

What to do if you have not been selected?

Our criteria are specific to Villa Blu by Robertet and are by no means an absolute judgment on the quality of your project. Some are subjective and relate to professional affinity and perceived skills between entrepreneurs and the Villa Blu team.

We nevertheless try to stay in touch with all projects that may not have been selected, as they could be the subject of another form of partnership with the group (this is the case for several companies not selected for the program)

If however we have not contacted you, our apologies, we are doing our best and a message from you at will correct this

Start your applications, and good luck!

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